Jack Welch on Leadership

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of facilitating a discussion on a GE case study with a group of Executive Education students in UCD. It gave me an opportunity to reflect on my experiences on GE and I surprised myself by being able to lay my hands on my ‘GE Leadership Values Card’ and the ‘GE Capital Leadership Competency Framework’ (7 years on!). 

During this discussion I relived some of my experiences in GE, and it energised me without a shadow of a doubt. At the end, I polled the class to see how many people would consider a career in GE and about 90% put their hands up.

GE had a forming influence on me as an indvidual (and consequently on my business) particularly in terms of professional standards, integrity and the processes to support people development.

I have picked out an excerpt of an interview with Jack Welch with his views on Leadership and the importance of people in GE.

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