Leadership and well-being

Being composed is a hugely important element of leading effectively, being grounded and leading in a conscious way, whilst minimising our reactions to our triggers. That’s pretty easy to write down, but so hard to do especially when we meet unanticipated challenges every day of the week.

business-meditation1Image Source: http://maybusch.com/5-ideas-for-keeping-your-composure/


I was reflecting on how such leadership composure can be cultivated and I came across some really interesting resources. This particular post will focus on the well-being element, with more to follow…

We all know that it is so much harder to be composed when we are under stress or not feeling well. Nurturing our well-being is an underrated aspect of leadership. I would like you now to reflect on your own well-being.

I have three simple questions which I would like you to slowly consider. I am a big fan of keeping a reflective diary when developing our leadership capacity. This could be the first exercise to note in your reflective diary.

  • What does well-being mean to you? (e.g. when you are in a really good state of well-being, what does that look like for you?)
  • How would you rate your well-being right now on a scale of 1- 10?
  • What actions could you consider taking that would improve your well-being by just one point? (Consider your sleep patterns, healthy eating, family time, ‘off-time’, exercise, yoga, meditation, being close to nature or anything else that resonates with you personally).


(Questions borrowed and adapted from Dr. Mia Leijssen of University of Leuven).

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