About me

Executive Coach – Dublin (Ireland).

19 May 2021-2094 small.

I love to work with clients at challenging times, providing them with an opportunity to step back from the situation they are facing and look at it from different and new perspectives.

Typical catalysts for coaching engagements with Eadine include:

  • Preparing for a new leadership role
  • Facing a particular business challenge
  • Taking an opportunity to reflect on own leadership style with a view to broadening leadership repertoire.

I am an accredited Master Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching, with over 20 years experience in consulting (Accenture), financial services (General Electric and IFG) and leadership coaching. Whilst working at board level, I had responsibility for Operations, HR and IT  as well as significant experience of leading change initiatives.

Qualifications: I have an undergraduate degree in Actuarial and Financial Studies, an MBA  as well as an MSc in Business and Executive Coaching.  In 2012, I attended the ‘Art and Practice of Leadership Development’ at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and this has had a significant influence on my work.

For further information please contact: eadine.hickey at gmail.com

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