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  • Young Social Innovators in the news – Missing Persons project

    Young Social Innovators is an initiative I am passionate about, not just because of the value of the projects transition year students work on, but also because  of the opportunity provided to the students to develop themselves. Yesterday one of the projects from Davis College was in the news as it is launching a 2012 calendar to raise […]

  • Book Review – The Emotionally Intelligent Manager

    I recently had the opportunity of doing a book review for Smarter Egg (a learning organisation based in Cork) as below. The Emotionally Intelligent Manager is a worthwhile read. The Emotionally Intelligent Manager Book Review

  • Using Coaching Skills as a Leader

    For leaders who are interested in developing coaching skills on the job, click on this link for some great suggestions from the Center for Creative Leadership: Coaching Others: Use Active Listening Skills

  • Having trouble staying focused?

    Have you ever read a book or listened to a discussion and found your mind wandering? Has anyone ever mentioned ‘listening skills’ as a challenge for you? Have you so much going on you are not sure what to focus on first and flit to from one thing to the next? This morning I was […]

  • First 100 Days – Ensuring a smooth transition

    In preparation for an MBA workshop on career transitions, I found myself reflecting on my own experience of new starts.  Given the nature of my early work (consultancy and project management), I had many new starts. In fact I counted 14 in the space of a 15 year corporate career. These starts were sometimes projects with new clients, […]

  • Emotional Intelligence in Action

    This is a lovely blog from the HBR web-site: A Simple Communication Mistake. Whilst the author writes about his ‘communication mistake’, what is interesting for me is how he then becomes aware of what he is doing as well as the anxiety he is feeling and then alters his behaviour. I have to admit to […]

  • Leadership Lessons

    I read a great item on a discussion group (The Emotional Intelligence Network) this morning which asked people for the best leadership lessons they learnt. I thought I would share my top 5 with you from this list: Understand your values and lead by example. Surround yourself with smart people and listen to them. ‘Shoe Leather’ […]

  • Two New MBA Blog posts

    It was a busy day for MBA blogging today! Barbara O’ Beirne added a new blog post to the Financial Times MBA blog and spoke of her coaching experience in the Smurfit Business School. Secondly, I was asked to do a guest blog on the MBA coaching programme for the Smufit School blog – also published today.

  • The Questions We Don’t Ask

    I have always been amazed at children’s wonder at the world. Questions I have heard asked include: why do birds not make tracks in the sky when they fly? how will our (dead) goldfish get to heaven – I can still see him! why can’t I pick up water with my fingers?   Without realising, […]

  • Stretch Assignments

    An article just published in the Center for Creative Leadership’s ‘Leading Effectively’ newsletter: Job Assignments That Matter Most struck a chord with me this morning. For those looking to develop leadership competencies, this article presents an interesting framework for approaching the challenge.  It may involve seeking new assignments which put you outside your comfort zone or putting […]