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  • Emotional Intelligence in Action

    This is a lovely blog from the HBR web-site: A Simple Communication Mistake. Whilst the author writes about his ‘communication mistake’, what is interesting for me is how he then becomes aware of what he is doing as well as the anxiety he is feeling and then alters his behaviour. I have to admit to […]

  • Leadership Lessons

    I read a great item on a discussion group (The Emotional Intelligence Network) this morning which asked people for the best leadership lessons they learnt. I thought I would share my top 5 with you from this list: Understand your values and lead by example. Surround yourself with smart people and listen to them. ‘Shoe Leather’ […]

  • Two New MBA Blog posts

    It was a busy day for MBA blogging today! Barbara O’ Beirne added a new blog post to the Financial Times MBA blog and spoke of her coaching experience in the Smurfit Business School. Secondly, I was asked to do a guest blog on the MBA coaching programme for the Smufit School blog – also published today.

  • Stretch Assignments

    An article just published in the Center for Creative Leadership’s ‘Leading Effectively’ newsletter: Job Assignments That Matter Most struck a chord with me this morning. For those looking to develop leadership competencies, this article presents an interesting framework for approaching the challenge.  It may involve seeking new assignments which put you outside your comfort zone or putting […]

  • Taking Perspective

    Since starting my coaching practice I have seen time and time again the value of stepping away from a situation and taking perspective. I have seen the benefits of this both for clients and indeed myself. Ronald Heifetz et. al describe this as ‘getting on the balcony’ in their book on adaptive leadership. I absolutely […]

  • BBC4 programme – Follow the Leader

    See below the link to part 1 of a 2 part series on leadership from BBC4 (Carolyn Quinn looks at the Psychology of Leadership). Link to Follow the Leader Part 2 will be aired on 11th January at 9pm and 12th January at 4:30pm.

  • Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Change

     Adopting change requires a lot of effort and it requires people to take risks. Successful change efforts start by taking this head on, by creating a shared need for change. During my corporate career, the model I used for implementing change was the GE change model CAP (Change Acceleration Process). The first three stages  of this […]

  • Performance Review Meetings

    In my experience, the full benefit of performance reviews is not typically achieved. My top three suggestions to increase their effectiveness are:                     No surprises: An individual should not be surprised by feedback at a performance review. Feedback should be given throughout the year so the individual knows […]

  • Leadership and Followership

    Well I’m not sure if I love this or hate it but I certainly think it is interesting! The key point that I take from this is the importance of the first follower. After all, leadership does not exist without followers and the first follower shows others how to follow. As the guy on the video […]

  • MBA Coaching Programme

    The full-time MBA class of 2010/11 in the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business have completed their first semester and have dealt with all the challenges that this brings. Alongside their busy academic schedule, they are now also endeavouring to work out what the MBA will mean for their future careers. To support them with […]