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  • Resonate Leadership has been launched!

    I am delighted to announce that I have joined forces with my colleague Eileen Duggan to form Resonate Leadership, a Dublin based Executive Coaching practice We will provide: Executive Coaching Leadership Development Team Coaching and Coaching Workshops Check out our new website at      

  • What Leadership can learn from ‘Clowning’

    If your reaction to this blog title was disbelief at the possibility of a connection, then read on…. I felt the same! A few years ago a colleague a friend of mine mentioned that she did her master’s thesis on this topic and it conjured up images of a circus act which didn’t connect in any favourable way […]

  • Exciting new Leadership Programme for those in the legal and financial services fields

    The Law Society of Ireland is launching a brand new Leadership Programme for those with ten plus years experience in Law or Finance. The programme will comprise group learning as well 1-1 coaching sessions which are tailored to your specific learning agenda. I am delighted to be involved in this programme. For further details click here […]

  • Humility

    ‘Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself; it’s thinking of yourself less’ Syd Banks          

  • Assumptions and the ladder of inference

    In the last two weeks I became aware of 3 assumptions which I made which were perfectly reasonable, but also perfectly wrong. It reminded me of the pictures used to illustrate Gestalt theory for example the one below: Picture source: Sometimes we only see a part of the picture but sub-consciously complete it using our […]

  • An unexpected lesson in coaching psychology… from the long grass!

    Those who know me won’t associate me with golf. I took it up over a decade ago, but it didn’t last long due to the arrival of family and all that that entails! Anyhow, last summer as my own kids took an interest in golf I came across an opportunity for golf lessons that I […]

  • Are you ‘immune to change’?

    How many of us make new years resolutions with the best of intentions but don’t follow through on them? How many of us are intent on improving our listening skills, delegating more or changing any other behaviours that would enhance our abilities to do a better job,… but somehow we never really get there? In the video below […]

  • Upcoming Leadership Development Lab with AZck

    From October 22 – 24th Annick Zinck and Tom Greder will host another leadership lab in Switzerland using the performing arts to learn about how we lead. From personal experience I would highly recommend this experiential workshop. There are currently 3 places left. For further information click here.

  • UCD MBA Coaching Article …. just published

    Six years ago a coaching pilot was launched with MBA students in the Smurfit Business School. To date 851 individuals from 30 different countries have benefited from this programme. The purpose of the MBA coaching programme is to provide a space for reflection in the lives of MBA participants to enable them to work on […]

  • Leadership values for Ireland

    Is it just me or is everyone talking about ‘values’ in leadership these days? I have noticed an increase in such conversations in the last 6 months. This week, it has come up every single day whether with colleagues or clients (corporate and personal). I came across some research done by the Barrett Values Centre in […]