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  • Cultivating leadership composure

    Cultivating leadership composure is an aspect of leadership development which does not get too much explicit attention. Yet, as we face ever increasing demands on our time, constantly interrupted with technology, this is becoming a leadership differentiator. Can we remain composed and focus our attention on matters that are most important on a day to […]

  • WXN Leadership & Mentoring Programme

    I am delighted once again to collaborate with the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business and WXN in their WXNWisdom Mentoring Programme. This programme is a blend of mentoring sessions with a Top 25 winner as well as 3 full day experiential leadership workshops. Orla Nugent (MBA Programme Director) and myself leverage our training in ‘adaptive […]

  • Resonate Leadership has been launched!

    I am delighted to announce that I have joined forces with my colleague Eileen Duggan to form Resonate Leadership, a Dublin based Executive Coaching practice We will provide: Executive Coaching Leadership Development Team Coaching and Coaching Workshops Check out our new website at      

  • What Leadership can learn from ‘Clowning’

    If your reaction to this blog title was disbelief at the possibility of a connection, then read on…. I felt the same! A few years ago a colleague a friend of mine mentioned that she did her master’s thesis on this topic and it conjured up images of a circus act which didn’t connect in any favourable way […]

  • Exciting new Leadership Programme for those in the legal and financial services fields

    The Law Society of Ireland is launching a brand new Leadership Programme for those with ten plus years experience in Law or Finance. The programme will comprise group learning as well 1-1 coaching sessions which are tailored to your specific learning agenda. I am delighted to be involved in this programme. For further details click here […]

  • Humility

    ‘Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself; it’s thinking of yourself less’ Syd Banks          

  • Everyday Coaching Conversations

    I came across this lovely, simple article today from the Center for Creative Leadership, which shares three tips for engaging in coaching conversations in our day to day lives: – Listen carefully – Respond thoughtfully – Resist imposing our own solutions. This is so simple, yet illustrates the lovely nature of a good coaching conversation resulting […]

  • Wellness for Success – 1 day programme

    A good friend and colleague of mine, Antoinette Moriarty of the Law Society is launching a new programme (running on May 14th) which I am delighted to share. As the title explains, it is about ‘wellness for success’. Antoinette is running this in conjunction with Walt Hampton (U.S. Lawyer, business coach, speaker), Seán Ó Tarpaigh […]

  • Mary Robinson interview with the Harvard Kennedy School on Leadership

    Here is a wonderful interview with Mary Robinson (previously President of Ireland and also UN High Commissioner for Human Rights) conducted by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  It’s really interesting to hear the language of adaptive leadership in the interview and how it seemed to resonate. When this popped into my email this morning, […]

  • Assumptions and the ladder of inference

    In the last two weeks I became aware of 3 assumptions which I made which were perfectly reasonable, but also perfectly wrong. It reminded me of the pictures used to illustrate Gestalt theory for example the one below: Picture source: Sometimes we only see a part of the picture but sub-consciously complete it using our […]